5 biggest dickheads on the road

I know there are a lot of dickheads on the road, but here are just a few that create the most injustice:

1. The dangerous selective law-follower: The person who stops at a 4-way stop sign for 1 minute while making sure his car is completely stopped and no one is coming for 2 miles, then tears off at 90 miles an hour down a residential street blind to the little kids running after bouncing balls into the street.  My point: it’s more dangerous to speed than to roll a stop.

2. Press-and-ignore person: the person who hits the walk button, then disregards the light and walks anyway because there’s no traffic.  Then when traffic does come, it comes to a red light because the jackass  hit the walk button, but the jackass doesn’t notice because he’s already a half mile down the road.  My point: Don’t use the freakin button, but if you do press the button, use it.

3. Ignorant crosswalker: the person who starts walking across the street the instant the walker light comes on blind to the 3000 lb. cars barrelling down on him.  I’ve seen people with baby strollers start walking across a street because a light told them to without looking at the traffic. My point: Don’t let a machine control your life and endanger you, think for yourself!

4. Double-lane-changer: people that change lanes (probably cutting someone off), only to change right back to their previous lane. It’s not that disruptive, but people that do that look like asswipes. My point: pick a lane.

5. Turn-lane-blocker-guy: people that don’t leave enough room for people to turn right at a red light when they’re going straight.  This applies to people who could move up a little to let someone get in to a left turn lane, but don’t.  My point: wake up.


One response to “5 biggest dickheads on the road

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