Scorsese Oscars Are Make-up Calls

In sports, when refs make a bad call- a really bad call- one that gets boos from even the Hollywood types- one is guaranteed to get what is named a make-up call shortly after.

That’s what the best picture for The Departed is: a make-up call. I haven’t seen the film, but I’ve heard it’s OK, not best picture material. Yet, there Martin is, on all the papers, waving the golden statue around with a well-deserved grin on his face.

It is a well-deserved grin, but perhaps not because this film should have won. Scorsese’s grin is well-deserved because Goodfellas should have won the Oscar; because Taxi Driver should have won the Oscar; because Raging Bull should have won the Oscar.

This year’s Oscars reminds me of the Grammys a couple years ago when U2 won best album for All That You Can’t Leave Behind. Yeah-it was an OK album, but everyone who voted for that album was really voting for The Joshua Tree and Achtung! Baby.

It just goes to show that the industry is kinda goofy- the big awards are basically lifetime achievement awards anymore, and they’re all obvious make-up calls.


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