Flaming Lips Singer Believes…

Wayne Coyne

If you’ve seen a Flaming Lips show, you’ll be blown away by the theatrics and craziness going on up on stage- Coyne producing some sort of head wound and bleeding fake blood while singing into a small camera; freaky big stuffed animals jumpin around; dozens of people on stage (some dancing like they’ve never danced before). It turns out that the singer of the group is also a philosopher- a short essay of his about human happiness was featured this morning on NPR.

The NPR project “This I Believe,” based on Edward R. Murrow’s ’50s bit has a lot of potential. It compiles short essays into a large collection of collective opinion. The one they advertised for tomorrow was about a New Hampshire man who believes in every man’s potential for brutality. I DON’T care to listen to that one, but this morning’s edition featured a thoughtful bit from Flaming Lips singer and guitarist Wayne Coyne.

His main point was that we humans can be happy doing anything- whether we’re in a warm car on a winter day, or standing at a bus stop that same blustery day freezing our cajones off. This is an interesting point- it reminds me of a book I read recently called “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert. The book mentions that everyone is trying to be happy, but they can never seem to achieve happiness. Coyne’s essay gives a little insight into just how to accomplish the sought-after emotion.

Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots – Great album

Stumbling on Happiness – GET THIS BOOK and read it 107 times!


One response to “Flaming Lips Singer Believes…

  1. I really have to disagree. Coyne’s essay was trite. It’s cracker barrel wisdom packaged as new. I like his band, but his essay was a little careless.

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