Tax return, smax return

In this time of spending on average a work’s week trying to comply with a tax code that has gotten out of hand (3.4 million words in the federal tax code alone!), I’m reminded of a couple thoughts that have bugged me for a long time.

1) If we don’t pay all the taxes the IRS says we owe on time (i.e. before April 15), we have to pay interest on that difference. However, if we are given a refund after we do our return, the government does not give us interest for hording our money for over a year. A little unjust, maybe?

2) In general, why does the government tax production through income? The more money I make, the more I’m giving up- does that make any sense? I feel like sitting on my fat arse and doing nothing after I do my taxes. The system needs to be changed.

Good luck on your returns- oh and don’t forget to claim our phone excise tax refund (we were being taxed up until last year to pay for the Spanish American war in the late 1890s, and Congress finally said enough was enough).


One response to “Tax return, smax return

  1. Phone excise tax? I’ve already filed (EZ). Is this worth my time to file an amendment or is it, like, $20?

    Actually, eff that, if I can get another $0.05 and make the jerks pay $50 in wages just to process my amendment I want to do it. My time is invaluable as long as it wastes THEIR time as well.

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