Al Gore Is Polluting The World!

I just recently saw “An Inconvenient Truth” and it was pretty good, but I found a couple things pretty funny besides the way Gore kept throwing out loose evidence for the effects of global warming like, “…that’s why all these people in the South Pacific lost their homes…” I thought it was funny that half the time we saw Al in the documentary’s cinematic excellence, we see him in an airplane or in a car, things that emit the dangerous CO2 that creates the greenhouse effect that he’s campaigning against with this slideshow. I guessGore wants you to do as he says and not as he does.

an inconvenient truth

I did pick up some interesting tidbits, most notably, that graph of temperature increases paired with CO2 levels. That’s basically all you need to see (from a trusted source) to believe that humans are changing the climate of the Earth.

However, I believe the Gore people and other environemntalists are going about this all wrong. They keep saying that we’re causing “Global Warming” as if that’s supposed to scare us. I personally want the world to be warmer- I hate the cold- especially now in the winter. To really get into our brains they should be telling us that we’re all causing global flooding or global excrement-in-the-skies-ing. That’ll wake some people up to what they’re doing. Warm: good; house under water: not so good.

An Inconvenient Truth


2 responses to “Al Gore Is Polluting The World!

  1. Some interesting points here. Last paragraph very true. The vital message they have to tell does not seem to be understood. More of the mainstream media need to jump on board. The environment is slightly more important then Britney Spears’ latest escapade.

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