NBA shows hypocracy in Hardaway decision

The gold standard of decent behavior, the NBA, has banished Tim Hardaway from the All-Star weekend celebrations in Las Vegas (à la Mad Max from Thunderdome). The reason? Not because he was caught in a late-night altercation at a strip club shooting his gun in the air; or because he was caught doing steroids; or even because he messed up on his taxes. Evidently the NBA didn’t like what Tim Hardaway had to say.The former guard said on an ESPN radio show, “I hate gay people,” bluntly and openly, and the NBA can tolerate murdering philanderers on performance enhancing drugs, but they can’t tolerate anti-gay people.”And second of all, if he was on my team, I would, you know, really distance myself from him because, uh, I don’t think that’s right. And you know I don’t think he should be in the locker room while we’re in the locker room. I wouldn’t even be a part of that,” Hardaway said.The host then called Hardaway a homophobe and Hardaway acknowledged that.First off- hate and fear are two different things. A phobia is a fear, which Hardaway doesn’t sound like he has. He has hatred, which is probably worse. But give me a break- if the NBA really cared about morality, it would crack down on the thugs that pervade throughout the league. Instead, it cowers to political correctness and ignores problems.Sure, the NBA has a right to do whatever it wants, Hardaway has a right to believe whatever he wants, and we have the right to ignore all of them.

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