Why Smokers Suck!

By nature, smokers suck. They suck a fad wad of rolled up burning skid marks in a piece of paper (good thing there’s a filter!) However, smokers sucking goes beyond the obvious physical act of puckering their lips around a little tobacco penis.

Smokers suck because, in their ulta-moral position to “do what they want” are forcing others to do what they DON’T want, namely inhaling their evil fumes.

Smokers suck because they pollute—ever look down on a public street? It’s littered with smokers’ unconscious waste.

Smokers suck because they are a drag on a welfare state that pays for their unhealthy habit. I don’t smoke, yet I have to pay for each and every smoker’s emphysema and lung cancer.

Smokers suck because they waste time at the workplace. Do I get a 15 minute break every 10 minutes to go kill myself slowly outside?

Smokers suck because they contribute to companies that do nothing for society except pull people down with their addictive but ‘cool’ habit that turns teeth yellow and lungs black.

Here’s to you smokers- you SUCK!

This guy sucks:


where do you think these butts go when the smoking asshole doesn’t jam them into his car ashtray? You got it—out hte window and onto our streets!


How about elevators? Smokers go take their gay-ass smoke breaks every 20 minutes while the rest of us people are working and when they commute back to their cubicle, they may have to use the elevator. But guess what? Their stinking-ass fumes haven’t been expelled completely from their dick-ass lungs so the others in the cramped elevator get to taste their evil stench for the ride back up to the office. And it doesn’t go away when they do. No, that bastard of an odor lingers for minutes or even hours after the lazy, wasteful cuds leave the enclosed area.

Elevators, just another reason why fucking smokers suck!

****By the way, read my responses to the comments below- I’m hilarious!

Response to a pro-smoking comment (“why can’t I endulge myself?):

Sure indulge yourself all you want…as long as it doesn’t affect others’ ability to indulge themselves (in other words, as long as one person’s freedom doesn’t inhibit someone else’s). In ever case that you mentioned, one person’s freedom inhibits someone else’s, so no, they shouldn’t be allowed to indulge themselves in that manner.

I think this is the central problem in today’s society. People think that they and everyone else has the right to do WHATEVER, even if it means that others have to pay for it. THat’s a crock of shit. No people don’t have a right to McDonalds and nationalized health care to pay for their clogged arteries. No, people don’t have a right to do reckless sports and have the taxpayer foot the bill. And no, people don’t have a right to slowly kill themselves with burning wildebeest fart sticks while they make others suffer.

Suck it up smokers:

379 responses to “Why Smokers Suck!

  1. I so agree with this. Even if a person does legally have the right to fill his/her lungs with tar, nicotine and other carcinogens, does that mean that same person has the right to stand on a public sidewalk whilst doing it? What about the rights of those of us who’d rather not die earlier than we have to?

  2. People used to smoke everywhere except gas stations & elevators. Havent the flower pickers & theyre lawyers indebted the world enough ? You wont be happy til were all bublewrapped and sueing each other for unpleasant glances. Go to hell whiners

    • People also used to kill others for looking at them the wrong way. We’re becoming more civilized slowly but surely and that involves removing the barbaric act of puffing on cloud shit in public places. If you want to stick tobacco penises in your mouth all day, go to your little private dungeon and puff away. Stop annoying and harming us with your addiction!

    • I’m pretty you’re headed there first buddy….and when you get there and God sends you to the smokers hall of ass- Enjoy! By the way, it’s actually in the bible that you shouldn’t indulge in frivolous activities over worship of the lord-especially ones that say ruin the perfect body God gave you…..You can silence you’re whining now please-puritanical hypocrite!

    • You are a waste of air

      Actually I won’t be happy until your selfish ass is dead. A necessary requirement to be a smoker is that you are also a self-absorbed asshat. You’re a waste of oxygen and the best thing that can be said about you is that you will be dead sooner than the rest of us. Even sooner, if you throw another non-biodegradable cigarette butt on the ground within site of me. I have no problem at all shoving dickheads like you into traffic. You’re not even sentient.

  3. Look at your debt clock. Thats the cost of whiney lazy flowerboys acting ‘civilized’. You can act civilized paying it down. Ill help by paying taxes on cigarettes.

    • Red Herring. National debt has nothing to do with the fact that cigarette smoke is an aberration of civil interaction.

    • do you even pay taxes?! Or are you one of those hypocritical jesus lovers that live off the grid and still suck all the resources from our country? By the way, it actually states in the bible that drugs and alcohol should not be indulged over the lord’s worship…sooo I think you might be heading to hell first for your sins AND hypocrisy…so I guess I don’t have to whine, you’ll be gone soon enough :) I find it funny that you are complaining about complaining…and I might add YOU are the loudest one.

      • you athiest commy. go spew your ‘contribute to us tax collectors because we need more of your money to oppress you’ bullshit. Why do you think the resources are yours, and not ‘jesus lovers’ ? I know why. because your a CRAZY OLD HIPPYBITCH. thats why

  4. ["If you want to stick tobacco penises in your mouth all day, go to your little private dungeon and puff away.!"]
    I don’t agree, because the dumbshits will come out of their dungeons thinking everything is OK and then stand next to you in the store or where ever, with their toxic stench and fumes radiating from their clothing and hair with a five foot kill radius, and act like nothing is wrong, except to people who can still smell. Those still highly active and violently powerful chemicals are still eminating their deadly effects even after they leave their dungeons or cars, like glowing radioactive waste waves. Please smokers, put a plastic bag over your heads while you smoke and tie it around your necks. And it should be considered Child Abuse for anyone to smoke in a car with children in it. Smoking morons.

    • What a whiney little bitch you are. You should move to a remote mountain. A 1000 miles from the nearest person. Then you’ll never be offended by “evil” smokers again.
      you ever drive a car?
      Start a campfire?
      Heat your home?
      I bet youve done at least one of these.
      Kinda makes you a fucking hipocrate, doesnt it? Stop polluting MY air asshole. Doesnt that make you a child abuser? Yup.
      You disgust me.

  5. tabakky is a natural plant that grows in nature. It is Gods gift to the world, to mellow us out WITHOUT impairing judgement. Thankyou jesus for tabakky. Dont let the nazi potheads ban it

  6. I’m an idiot

  7. So what public place would you smell it? There are no public places left that allow you to smoke anyway. I’m an idiot

  8. Sylvia-
    If you are supporting smoking, you are a dumbshit.
    Also, your clever little photo actually was cropped to tightly to reveal the whole story..
    This is the whole photograph with no editing..


    Smoke all you want..
    Just don’t force anyone else to smell your clothes, ride in your car, stand next to you in line at the market (YOU STINK), and don’t smoke in front of me in traffic, or near the door of any building I may walk into or out of, or upwind of me or any non-smoker, until your lung cancer kills you and makes the world a safer place.

  9. I’m not supporting smoking. I’m supporting other people’s rights to smoke as much as your right to not smoke. Who said I was FORCING anyone to be around me, smoking or not?

  10. You’re worried about my cigarette? You should try living in Edmonton, Alberta with all the oil refineries. I don’t see anyone too concerned about the poor quality of air there.

  11. Too many times and too many places, some moron smoker will head for the entrance of the market, and throw their still eminating toxic waste stick on the ground (usually on the upwind side) where its smouldering evil will continue to infect any passerby and lay forever as litter, while they are happily inside purchasing more cigarettes to continue their reign of evil. And the employees who are not allowed to contaminate the atmosphere inside the building, will mindlessly sit 10 meters outside the door on the upwind side, where their evil follows the wind and the more dense air as it rushes into the building, where everyone is forced to breathe it.
    The definition of forced is having to do something you do not desire to do.
    I don’t care if people smoke, as long as they don’t impose it on others, especially who elect not to, even by ‘accident’.
    If smokers were not total imbeciles, they would actually be concerned where their waste goes, and not impose it on others.
    They would not throw their butts on the ground. Perhaps they like to live in the filth of a sea of burnt, tar infested trash, but I DON’T.
    They would be careful to evaluate the wind and smoke flow.
    But they are all selfish pigs with no care for anyone but theirselves.
    There is no excuse.
    And we are talking about individual smokers and THEIR waste, and their ability to control it, not corporations and industry.
    I wish every time we were forced against our will to breathe smoke, we could take a bag full of dogshit and put it over the smokers head with and elastic band around their neck:
    “Like that?!! breathe deeply of the dogshit…SMOKING BITCH.”
    Until they learned how disgusting their toxic waste is!
    Perhaps, then they would realize how aweful they are.

  12. cristian von a-hole; its fine being anti-tabakky. We all regret ever starting. But your hurtin your movement by being a whiney baby. nobody gets sick from butts on the ground, drama queen.

    • “We all regret ever starting. But your hurtin your movement by being a whiney baby. nobody gets sick from butts on the ground, drama queen.”

      On the contrary, we all hurt from butts on the ground:

      Litter Statistics:
      *In just one day 230,000 cigarette butts were collected from California beaches during the 2000 Coastal Cleanup Day. Cigarette butts were the number one trash item found (http://www.cigarettelitter.org).
      According to the Ocean Conservancy, cigarette butt litter accounts for one in every five items collected during cleanups, making it the most prevalent form of litter on earth.
      There are over 176,000,000 pounds of discarded cigarette butts in the United States each year. Over 4.5 trillion cigarettes are littered worldwide each year. They are the most littered item in the world (http://www.cigarettelitter.org).

      Economic Costs: Some of the costs are associated with the manpower and resources to pick up litter. Who picks up litter? Employees of parks, schools, hotels, restaurants, and local governments have to pick up litter (OUR TAX DOLLARS), as well as volunteers who care about the environment (ME…NOT YOU).
      Cigarettes are often littered within 10 feet of a permanent ashtray. Other costs are incurred when a discarded cigarette butt starts a fire that destroys a forest, a field, or people’s homes. Fires caused by cigarette butts claim the lives of about 1,000 people and injure about 3,000 people each year. The costs of “lost revenue” are incurred when tourists will not spend their vacation dollars to visit a beach or park that is full of litter and trash.


  13. “We all regret ever starting.”
    Then QUIT.
    I have a suggestion: next time you go to the store,

  14. Fuck people who think smokers suck

  15. “I have something to tell you non-smokers that I know for a fact that you don’t know, and I feel it’s my duty to pass on information at all times. Ready?. . . . Non-smokers die every day . . . Enjoy your evening. See, I know that you entertain this eternal life fantasy because you’ve chosen not to smoke, but let me be the 1st to POP that bubble and bring you hurling back to reality . . . You’re dead too.”
    Bill Hicks

    • Wow, I guess I would be a little more offended/scared if you actually had the nerve to NOT be anonymous…Glad you can hide behind your computer screen and typo threats across the net…yeah you’re going to heaven…and sure God doesn’t think you’re a joke. Good Luck in life crazy, you will need it! By the way, My name is Amber and my email is below. I am not a coward.

  16. Burn these bitching non smokers at the stake, martyr them. They are so holy. They are going to live forever anyway. They will be in Heaven with the big invisible man smiling down as all cancerous smokers burn in the fires of hell.

  17. The world is my ashtray.

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  19. What about pipe smoking? there is no cig butts and it smells nice.

  20. I agree. But there still is the issue of lingering fumes.
    It does not matter if it is a pipe, a cigar or a cigarette, the residual
    contamination still lingers. Most smokers have no regard for personal
    hygiene in that they don’t care if they reek like smoke. I went over to my
    neighbor ladies house last night for 10 minutes and now my clothes I was
    wearing absolutely STINK like cigarette smoke. If I were going out in public,
    I want to give the right impression that I am not a foul person, and that I do not smoke, so I would have to change my clothes, because I actually care about what people think about me, and am concerned not to offend them deliberately by forcing them to breathe residual stink.
    I remember going to my great uncle’s house and in the evenings there was an inversion, and his cigar smoke would form a ‘sea’ about waist level, in an undulating wave surface; that and you would STINK from his cigar smoke when you left, necessitating burning your clothes..
    If you smoke-do it where it won’t affect anyone but you, even if it’s in your ‘own’ house, because even though you think you like it, have enough consideration to know others don’t.
    My neighbor ladies house will have to be gutted when she dies from lung cancer, because of the years of toxic fumes deeply seeped into every surface. Might as well receive the same treatment as asbestos mitigation.
    It is not safe for sane habitation…

    • People smell everyday. I sit next to people who don’t bathe on the bus, sweat too much in class, produce BO so intense that my eyes literally water, shop beside women who wear so much perfume I get lightheaded.
      Indian people smell like curry. Italians smell like garlic. When I drive by a Micky D’s, my car smells like French fry oil. And it’s all fucking oppressive as hell. But you know what? It’s life. We look different, talk different, enjoy different things, detest different things.
      There is something to be said about the thoughtlessness and inconsideration of too many smokers out there. But plenty of smokers obsess over the looks they get from non-smokers, finding as private a place as possible to smoke so as to disturb as few as possible, NOT taking breaks at work for just a cigarette, and to walk as far as it takes to ind a proper receptacle for the butt. I am one of those people.
      Smoking is bad for you. Very bad. I deal with that conflict. And I try very hard to keep that conflict to myself.
      But you wanna start talking about freaking out over an odor lol give me a break. I’m sure I’d be equally oppressed by the natural habits of too many of you.
      Lets keep it real here.

  21. burning your commy-made toxic clothes would cause more stinky smoke then a crackwhores vagina

  22. Blair-
    I just rinse the toxic waste smoke out of my clothes into the river for your drinking pleasure downstream. And does your GF know you talk about her like that?

  23. ask your mother. i blew smoke up her ass when she was pregnet with you. I thought i heard someone coughing up there. sorry kid

  24. your correct. my mommy died the same day in ’08 they decided to shut down my profitable warehouse. i cant drive for now because of some speedin tickets. all humans are my enemy

  25. And you have to love people getting chemo for their cancer but still continue to smoke. There’s one of them at work. If you have cancer, still smoke, and don’t want to quit, your health coverage should be cut off. Period.

  26. Ill bet that every single one of you anti smoker, half witted, damn nazis has a car. And id be willing to bet that you drive it, in blind damn ignorance of the fact that youre spewing more toxins in an hour than a smoker can manage in a year.

    Ya know smoking nazis, if you dont like smoking you can feel free to be somewhere, oh I dont know…AWAY FROM US SMOKERS. I know, its hard for you to figure these things out, it being all obvious and whatnot.

    • Why should I and other non-smokers have to move for the mere fact that you are too selfish to leave your filthy and idiotic habits to a non-public place.You also presume that we are nazi’s. Cars are useful as means of transportation, many today are being designed as eco-friendly such as the hybrid. Your disgusting, toxic fume emitting habit is selfish and useless . Smoke all you want in your own space.


        you poor germaphobe. maybe if boomercrat robots mommy & daddy let you have a flea infested, litter box filling, selfish & useless kitty cat, you wouldnt be such an overly sensitive little priss. hope you get a brain tumor from your boomy approved rat-phone

  27. The bottom line is there has to be MUTUAL respect. I promise not to smoke in your space and blow smoke at you, if you promise to provide me a place to smoke.

  28. Mr mojo risin

    The tax on them covers the healthcare and clean up directly caused easily so you can stop moaning about that a tiny fraction of your tax on smokers. Second hand smoke is no where near as damaging as we used to think, particularly outside. So your only arguement is the smell, many of things in life smell bad if you can, move away. If you cant, shut the fuck up. I’ll get the tumours, i’ll get the cancer and i’ll die but at least i will never find myself posting the whineyest most pathetic arguement against something that does not infringe on you in away, you cunt.

  29. biodegradable filters. It might not be as good, but its gotta be done. Its gotta be law.

  30. Mr mojo risin, as soon as someone starts to swear and call you names, the argument has been won as it means they have run out of anything intelligent to say.

  31. i work around a lot of smokers and they are all the same. inconsiderate to others around them. they laugh when it bothers me and they stink. ill never understand this addiction to this drug and you are not intelligent if you smoke .

    • They don’t understand it either. Smokers will tell you that they enjoy the way it feels, but that’s some HORSE. SHIT. They enjoy the way the nicotine temporarily relieves them of their addiction to intake nicotine, not the way smoking feels. It’s an abhorrent behavior. Just ask yourself how many motherfuckers would still smoke if they took the nicotine out of cigarettes? Maybe 5 masochistic bastards. Besides that, no one would do it.

      • give me a patch or gum, and ill still smoke. Theres a gland in your throat on the brainstem that craves the smoke, and messes with both your brain and heart if it doesnt get smoke. If theres surgery that could remove or destroy this damn gland, id do it. and thats the only way i could stop smoking

        • Why don’t people smoke things that don’t have nicotine in them?

          • Im also addicted to oxygen. Im so addicted to oxygen, id die without it. Should the nazi/commie/mommy ASSociation ban oxygen ?. Theyre trying, with all the carbon they spew with their totalitarian banter. And their jetplanes and suvs, as they go around spending your tax dollars, wearing clothes made in carbon spewing chinese factories, shipped here in carbon spewing ocean freighters, telling you how to run your life. We all have to die of something. So dont let them ban smoking. And dont let them ban oxygen

            • I think you just refuted yourself but there was a lot of non sequitur in there amidst the red herrings, straw men, and avoiding the question that it was difficult to tell.

              • people smoke marijuana, and hashish, and crack, and crank. some people smoke heroin, and opium, and dust. I hope that answers your question. Are you the one who writes books ? How many times does it say ‘sequitur’ in your book. That should be the name of a planet. mercury, venus, mars, earth, and SEQUITUR. Instead of URANUS

              • This didn’t help your cause. You still make no sense and you’re trying to make fun of me for using a ten-cent word. Why don’t you look it up and join the conversation instead of attempting ad hominem BS?

  32. A ten cent word? What language is ad hominem ? Is that a word from Sequitur ? formerly from uranus.

  33. Personally,
    I FUCKING HATE SMOKERS. They are ignorant, whiny, unintelligent BITCHES that suck on their sticks of death that are mostly made from DOG SHIT. Most of them have RED SKIN and MOTHERFUCKING WRINKLES everywhere… Not to mention their YELLOW TEETH or SMELLY BREATH.
    Yes, we all die. But you FUCKING SMOKERS usually DIE EARLIER >:D.

    Are you a smoker? If you are – FUCK YOU.

  34. Whomever wrote this has no life whatsoever. I feel bad for this person.

  35. I fucking live with smokers. They’re complete ass holes and have no respect for others. They hot box me in the car when I had an interview. Which I didn’t get the job because the employer kept asking about how often I need to take breaks at work. But now I got a different job somewhere else and I’m starting tomorrow. Thought I was going to the movies with just my boyfriend alone, but nooooooo, stupid smoking family members had to tag along and ruin the fucking car ride. I had my hair and clothes smelling nice, but all I could smell was cigarettes on my clothing and HAIR throuout the movie. I was so close to puking because it smelled like shit and piss! FUCK YOU SMOKERS I HOPE YOU ALL DIE SOON! BECAUSE YOU DON’T DESERVE YOUR LIFE. THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED LOUNG TRANSPLANTS AND YOU DON’T EVEN CARE ABOUT YOUR OWN OR OTHERS. IT’S THE SAME WITH STARVING CHILDREN IN AFRICA, WE EAT BUT THEY DON’T BECAUSE WE ARE LUCKY TO BE ABLE TO EAT, SO TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH AND LIFE BECAUSE SOMEPEOPLE AREN’T AS LUCKY. AND AS FOR POLUTION, I WAS BORN IN THIS FUCKING DIRTY WORLD AND I HAVE NO CHOICE BUT TO LIVE IN THE FILTH. WHEN I HAVE MONEY, IM GONNA MOVE SOMEWHERE WHERE THERE IS SO POLUTION. BUT HEY, FUCK THAT IDEA, BECAUSE JUST LIKE ASS HOLE SMOKERS, THAT POLUTION FREE PARADISE WILL BE RUINED BY FUCKING ASS HOLE GOVERNMENTS ANYWAY, WHO FIGURATIVELY HOT BOX YOUR LIFE INTO POLUTION. SO FUCK ALL OF YOU SMOKERS.


      Im a smoker. I tell you what. You can glaze me in sulphuric acid, bread me in broken glass, pop me in blast furnace, let me cool, wrap a pretty bow around me, and give me as a christmas gift to the office.that didnt hire you. Put a cigarette in my mouth with both middle fingers up. Thatll show the business community your not to be messed with

  36. Aaaaaaa-
    AMEN, sister.
    You need to really think about that smoking boyfriend.
    Do you really want to sentence yourself to a life of his family dumbasses?
    Try to make you associations exclusive of dipshit smokers.
    The smokers don’t care about you, anyway; at least care about yourself
    and only try to allow youself in non-smoking environments.

  37. My experience has been Smokers don’t give fuck , when the smoke next to a door sing that reads must be 9 meters away from door to smoke ,
    they don’t give a fuck that because they cant smell the shit they putting into the air and Gets on other peoples Clothes , Because they cant smell it they don’t really give a flying Fucking God damn , they burn holes in their beds while falling a sleep ,

    Not only that but they don’t fuck a fuck that their poison seeps through the walls into other peoples apartments and stinks up their Place and Cloths , Maybe I should carry a spray bottle of some foul smelling shit and spry it on them See how they like smelling like shit , Personally I think they should ban the dam things .

    • Or maybe just flatulate in their fat faces when you get a chance. Just put your asshole right up to their inconsiderate smellers and see how they like 2 cubic tons of toxic fumes penetrating their consciousness straight out of your ass! Smokers might even quit if they were constantly subjected to that shit.

  38. One other thing I forgot to add , These Smoking fucks walk down the side with a Cold or are sick and Just fucking blow their infected Smoke all over everyone not Caring that they are infecting others who breath that shit in

    Seems they are oblivious to the fact that they shit that comes out of their mouth is going into others noses ,, If your in a smokers smoking around you and they got an infection your gonna get it .


      the smoke neutralizes the cough germs. so non smokers with colds are worse. the sniffles might kill a whiner like you. but dont cry about apartments. this aint nazi germany

  39. you people are brain washed

      • Came across this page randomly and just want to say rantventrant, you seem like a complete asshole (but not as bad as some of these commenters – wow). If you’re literally a child then I apologize. You obviously still have some growing up to do.

        I didn’t expect much from a random blog entry on the net, but some of these comments are among the most childish garbage I’ve read. On top of that is the fact that there are many comments at all (people actually read this??), its worrying.

        I’m against smoking in general. But you seem to be completely full of hate. How much do smokers actually affect you? You get a wiff once in a while? Maybe even twice a day? Or do you work in a dive bar…. In the 80’s? What about the cars at the stoplight. Just sitting there… Have you smelled it? All that toxic exhaust….everywhere. There are other options for them. They could walk, bike, public transit! Cars are often not a necessity. Do you hate cars and the people that drive them? What about suv drivers? Surely you must think they are absolute scum not fit to share this planet with yourself.

        You and some of these commenters might have some valid points. But it’s hard to pick it out from the nonsense. Second hand smoke annoys me too. But not as much as people like you.

        – a decent person

        • Well, “decent person”, you’re wrong on just about everything. I don’t hate, I just prefer to breathe air, not some fuck’s unconscious toxic shit smoke. You may be decent (though I doubt it *asshole*), but you definitely aren’t very good at reading. I’ve addressed all of your infantile arguments above. Two wrongs don’t make a right! Decent cocksucker maybe. Good luck in prison.

  40. Smokers are the biggest health hazard next to big pharma, camola oil Teflon and GMO Monsanto! Smoking is a useless habit that is disgusting and its polluting everybody else! I cannot escape it even in my own home or balcony! Most violent criminals 91% are smokers that just tells you something else they have no care about others that don’t crave their filthy habit giving children sleeping in their own homes asthma and childhood cancers. Most cot deaths are caused by passive smoking! My 0wn apartment very fine place “was” got invaded by smokers the state paid for these apartments for these dole bluggers and they make our life hell. Cannot go on balcony on a summers day as they are there, having dinner in the kitchen they are there smoking with the window open, and it just comes straight in! Got to bed and they light up and it comes in through the window, Smoke or dirt always wants to invade clean air its called equilibrium! I call it hell. Smokers are just respect-less beings not even human.

  41. Smokkers are Lozerz

    Oh, I hate smokers. Laughing at the anti-smoking comments here and also laughing at the few douchebags defending smokers! I guess smoking keeps the smokers away from crime. That’s all I can think of–smoking serves as an outlet for the dumb, for the mentally addled.

  42. What I hate is that a smoker will go outside BUT stand right next to the building so the smoke floats in open door ways and windows. I also hate those smokers that believe they can get away with smoking in doors if they only have 1 or 2 cigarettes but in all reality even just 1 cigarette gives off enough smoke to permeate ceilings and walls so the next office or apartment ends up with that skanky cig smell. And of course the smoker doesn’t smell it as much because their olfactory (sense of smell) has been dulled by their smoking. Oh and one last thing I noticed you can pretty much tell a persons is a bad person because they smoke because a majority of smokers tend to be bad people (not because they smoke but because they tend to be bad people to begin with).

    • Your full of shit. In the 1940s everyone smoked and we kicked Hitlers non smoking ass. Its a non mind altering vice. Youd rather have crackheads stealing everything and paranoid potheads spying and bathsalt addicts eating peoples faces. FUCK YOU

  43. I really don’t understand why tobacco is not outlawed. That would solve it. If anti smokers spent as much time harassing drug dealers as they do smokers, drugs would not exist in the USA. Why aren’t the antis up in arms about marijuana ? Now with e-cigs, nicotine is the evilest of evils. Never heard about it until e-cigs came out. It was always co, benzene, tar, etc. Not much about the extreme dangers of nicotine, it is sooo evil. As a former smoker, if ya got em smoke em. I spoke to a high level antismoker in state gov’t who before the statewide smoking ban was voted in claimed 50,000 people died from 2nd had smoke annually. After the ban was passed the number was quoted as 3,000. Quite a difference. What happened to the other 47,000 people? This is why I do not believe the anti’s messages. I do miss the benzene from my smoking days, as it gave me a nice lift and the CO mellowed me out. I thought cardiac units were to be shutting down left and right, like coal fired power plants. Another disappointment. Progressives just cant get anything right. Also you hear nothing about 3rd, 4th, 5th hand smoke anymore. I miss the alarmism, now I got so much less to be afraid of.

    • I don’t care how many people die from second-hand smoke a year. That’s not my argument. My argument is that I should be able to not smell someone’s stinky-ass death breath when I’m chilling in my apartment minding my own business.

  44. smoke a blunt instead

  45. I like it when a bitch is smoking my cock and a cigs at the same time……

  46. If you smoke, you are a dumbass.

  47. I agree with this blog post! Smokers are assholes!

  48. Go smoke a cigarette and die already you weak pathetic stink bags.

  49. I smoke and I love it! And I’m GLAD it offends all anti-smokers! I pay YOUR TAXES. yes, that’s right. ALL smokers do! We pay more taxes so you don’t have to. I also pay for all the lazy ass, welfare scum, single mommy syndrome whores who don’t know what birth control is, Low Life minimum wage workers who decided to take the easy route out in life but having now skill, the list goes on and on. I’m so happy! I am going to go light up now and blow smoke in some left wing assholes face, HAHAHAHAHA!

    • Not one single argument for smoking as a positive. Just strawman after strawman. Gurantee most “arguments” defending smoking come right off the cigarette packs. Whose propaganding who here?hmmmm…. I don’t beleive it is unlawful to segregate based on smoking. We should try that as two societies and go our selarate ways. Let Darwinism run its course. Can you imagine a society of smokers? My lord, everything would fall in disrepair.

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